Bring Lango to your School, Center, Special Program or Group

 Proudly serving the DC Metro Area since 2009

Lango of Prince George's County, Inc. is a founding member of Lango Language Cooperative - a national full immersion language program backed by over 40 foreign language professionals and Lango operators with over 500 years of foreign language expertise.  This resource knowledge base provides a proprietary and award-winning curriculum designed for children.  Lango's Adventure Learning® Method is a combination of Total Physical Response, the Rassias Method, the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and, of course, full immersion. By combining these various methods of language learning together, students are presented with many different ways to acquire the target language.

    The best thing about Lango's program for your school, is that we can customize a program based on your school's specific needs.  


Length of class: 30 minutes

Languages: Spanish, French, Mandarin and ESL

Class size: Minimum 6 kids, Maximum 10 kids.  Number of classes provided during the day would be based on enrollment.

Frequency: Once or twice a week

Ages: 18 months – 11 years.  We have three major levels of curriculum, Toddler, Preschool and Elementary Age.  The curriculum also further breaks into sub levels, if needed.

Class structure: Play-based class where students sing, dance, play games, have challenges, and listen to stories during each class. Arts and crafts are also included upon request.

Classroom setting: No desks or chairs, open space – preferably with rug to sit on when reading and playing games on floor.

Lango teaching materials: 3 sessions of Lango workbooks, flashcards; CD; in-class handouts.

Teaching aids: Colored balls, hoops, parachute, cones, stuffed zoo animals, art supplies, clothing examples like jacket, mittens, scarf, hat, boots, etc.

Modular lesson plans: Each class is divided in short segments 5-8 minutes in length, flow is slow and fast, up and down – children move through song or dance, then rest with a story then move with a game or challenge, then rest with an art activity. Segments can be added or deleted as needed to accommodate time or children’s needs.

Class applications: Modular lessons plans, minimal classroom space requirements and fun curriculum means that the classes can be adapted to many applications including:

  • Part of an after school program
  • In school curriculum
  • A segment during a summer camp program

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You can also contact us at for information on how easy it is to make Lango a part of your in-school or after school program.